Add "Add Search as Trigger/Automator" Button to Search Page to Auto-create Triggers

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  • Konstantin

    Luke Tyhurst,

    If I'm reading this correctly (and based on the screenshot provided), what you are asking for is a button that allows for a View (not Automation/Trigger) that can be created, based on the current search parameters. I only say this, as Automation/Trigger policies don't perform "searches" in the fashion you describe; They search tickets for specific parameters, in order to perform specific actions.

    I guess if you are asking for a way to start an Automation/Trigger policy off the current search parameters, that I could understand, and would agree that this would be a way to start Admins off that are not fully familiar with building proper policies.


    PS. Not a Zendesk employee, just extremely familiar with the system and currently a Certified Zendesk Support Administrator.


  • Luke Tyhurst

    Hey, Konstantin! Your second paragraph is the use-case I was referring to (auto set-up trigger conditions), but I could also see the 'Add Search as View' functionality being useful.

    With that in mind, one way to implement this functionality could be to add a 'Copy Conditions from View' feature to triggers.



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