SUPER INCONVENIENT * Sort by Subject Removal

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  • Tony Ho

    Hello, I am also adding my vote to this as it has impacted by Support team also on their daily workflow. Our team will modify subject lines in order to organize them in ways to make sense of things holistically but this really throws things off for them.

    +1 to reconsider - thanks.

  • Olga Rudnychenko


    Our Team's work is also impacted negatively by this change. We use the sort by Subject feature on a daily basis, in particular, to merge duplicate requests (subscription cancellations, abandoned calls, etc.) and the removal of this feature slows our work down considerably.

    Please reconsider this change, as it's not efficient for our workflow. 

    Thank you!

  • yanko.chakarov

    Very needed feature. Please, consider bringing it back.

  • Cindy Zaiger


    Our team was also negatively affected by removal of sorting by subject.  We used key words in our subject line not only for searching but also for sorting prioritized requests together.

    Please bring it back!!

    Thank you ~

  • Maurice P.

    Our team is also affected by the inability to sort by subject, please consider bringing this function back to all fields. 

  • Stacy Taylor

    We used this feature daily to resolve our large volume of tickets. Please bring this back!

  • Dave Dyson

    Hi everyone, please see my comment in the original announcement article here.

  • Jacob Rodriguez

    At least make the Subject field searchable.  This has decreased our productivity greatly.

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Manager
    Hey Jacob,
    The team is actively working on creating additional filtering options and that includes being able to filter your view by subject. I don't have any other information to share right now but just wanted to let you know that this is something they are currently looking into :) 
    Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us!
  • Jacob Rodriguez

    Sounds good.  Basically we just filter out a certain keyword and then select them all to move into a different queue so that would work.  Thanks



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