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  • Jahn Bronilla
    Community Moderator

    What are you trying to get or accomplish mate? 

  • Naveen Gulati

    Hey Jahn,

    I am looking to measure the Tickets volume and agents productivity in a single Table for a day. For us the important parameter is to gauge as how many tickets were worked upon by a particular agent in a day.

    Wish to know at the End of The Day as how many Unassigned Tickets were left, how many have status as Open, Pending and On Hold and How many tickets were solved (in a single Table) with Time filter. So if i want to see the status of the tickets on an earlier date then it should show me the status of that days (or periods) agent productivity.

    It essentially has to show the complete days working of an Agent.

    I hope I am able to explain

  • Jahn Bronilla
    Community Moderator

    You can use the below mate.

    (Count) Tickets Created
    (Count) Solved
    (Count) Unsolved 
    (Count) New
    (Count) Open
    (Count) Pending
    (Count) On Hold

    Attributes in Row
    Assignee Name

    Ticket Created Date or Ticket Solved Date (depends on your business)

    Hope this helps mate.

  • Naveen Gulati

    Thanks my friend,

    The issue is if I take time filter as Tickets created, then it gives me the count of only the tickets created in that period, and if I take the filter as Tickets solved, then it gives count of only solved tickets. I actually want to know the count of tickets worked upon on that period irrespective of the date created or solved.

    Will the filter of Tickets updated give the right answer?


  • Salim Cheurfi
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Naveen, 
    It seems like you want to create a report showing the number of ticket updated by agents during the day, it will show you the number of tickets worked by agent. 
    You can accomplish that by creating a report via the Ticket update history dataset and using the attribute “status update” and filtering it by updater role : 

    I hope this helps, 
  • Shikin

    I tried using the formula given above, but I can't find Ticket Pending, Ticket Open etc. How to to get that

  • Gabriel Manlapig
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Shikin,

    These metrics New, Open, Pending and On-hold tickets is only available in the Support - Tickets dataset.

    If you're using Updates history dataset unfortunately, these metrics will not be available. If you want to add ticket statuses in your update history query, you'll need to add "Update ticket status" under attributes (Column or Row). 
    For help choosing and managing datasets, see Working with datasets. I hope this helps!


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