Failures with single sign - unable to access Admin center

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  • Rafael Santos
    User Group Leader

    Accessing your Zendesk account when your SSO service is down

  • supportuser1_psnf

    Yep, that's nice, but when I followed the link (I am account owner), I get the following:

    And then no subsequent follow up email.

    I need a support session to sort out a frozen account (payments are going through successfully, so account status is ok) but access is a problem. Urgent.  Is there NO live help from Zendesk? Ironic!



  • supportuser1_psnf

    Please, need account support - why is there no direct support?


  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Manager

    I have created a ticket for you to help you get assistance. Look for that notification in your email. 



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