Limiting Help Centre Articles According to which app is accessing Support

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  • Dinesh Korgaokar


    IF your articles are segmented for specific users than only those users will be able to see the article. Using API if you search for article using a particular end user then it should only return you articles which are accessible by that user.


  • SFARR1752

    Thanks.  Articles are however accessible to anyone and in fact access would be filtered by Category according from which app articles are being accessed.  The next milestone would be channeling tickets according to the category url.  Any hints please in this regard would be greatly appreciated.

  • Ahmed Zaid
    User Group Leader Community Moderator

    Hi SFARR1752,

    I believe the best way to achieve this is to restructure your help center into two separate brands, one for each app.

  • SFARR1752

    Thanks Ahmed Zaid. We have to re-think the transition plan from the current setup in that case but yes understand the validity of your response.

    The help centre would be displayed through the website as is already the case with the current version that should be able to display the articles for all the brands.

    Could possibly identifying the different app sources as different channels result into a cleaner approach and routing by channel instead of brand since all effectively belong to the same brand? Grateful for the community to share similar experiences.



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