Create a ticket by an email but keep it internal


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  • Peter Hochstrasser

    Hi Chungjung Lee

    It seems that you try to do something that is outside of the standard capabilities of Zendesk.
    A mail by a third party that is not in your team members will always create a public comment on the ticket.

    However, answers to mails are sent only at your discretion, and, if you look at the events view (as opposed to the conversation view) of a ticket, you see that new public comments have the link
    "Convert to internal note".
    Since the API lets you execute this action, you'd need to write a trigger that

    • sets a tag that leads to bypassing the usual mail sent to the requester to confirm the receipt of the ticket
    • calls a web hook that will convert the newest comment into an internal note.

    This is the core of the setup, you'd need to adapt the mail sending triggers such that they are not executed if the tag mentioned above is on the ticket, and, to prevent this ticket from being completely muted for the rest of its life, create another trigger, to be executed first on each run through the trigger list, that clears this tag if it is present, as there is no provision equal to a finally clause in an exception handling statement in Zendesk.

    Yours truly


  • Chungjung Lee

    Thanks for the suggestion Peter Hochstrasser. The two questions came up with your reply.

    1. If I add the third party into my team members, for instance as a user in Zendesk, can it be achieved with any simpler ways?
    2. I couldn't understand well on the first trigger. Could you explain more about why do I need to set a tag?



  • Peter Hochstrasser

    Hi Chungjung Lee

    Yes, you can add the 3rd party to your team members, however, 

    • if you assign them anything but the light agent role, you will need to buy an agent account for that 3rd party.
    • they can then see whatever tickets you assign to (one of) their group(s).

    You want to suppress outgoing mails on the ticket before the comment has been reclassified as an internal comment. Therefore, I'd use a tag to prevent the usual mail sending triggers to execute on that ticket (otherwise, you sensitive information may be sent out).

    Once you have the comment in private mode, if you send it out, only your team members will receive mails, as customers will only get public comments.

  • Stephan Marzi

    Hi Chungjung Lee, 

    If the responsible person is added as a light agent he will also be considered for internal comments only. Please have in mind that if the user is also a member of your company etc. it can cause different and unusual ways of ticket amendments. So please have it in mind, but be careful if it is of interest.

    Regards, Stephan



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