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  • Permissions Per Custom Field


    Hello! It's possible I'm not searching the KB for the right terms, so forgive me if this has been asked and answered. What I'm trying to do is create ticket field that will be updated based on a us...

  • Triggers for handling weekend assignments


    In this article, Graeme gives suggestions on using liquid to reply to customers with a different message depending on the day. I'm trying to do something similar, but since I'm not as familiar with...

  • Secondary Email Address Placeholder

    Hello! For some of our clients, my team will use a different email address and signature. These are for customers of our white glove service and when my team corresponds with them, it will be throu...

  • SLA's on Pending tickets

    I'm trying to set up SLAs to report on how long it takes us to reply back to a customer in two situations: when the ticket is either Open or Pending. For Open tickets, our SLA should be 8 business ...

  • Inactive End-users


    Hello, all! I'm trying to create a report that will tell me all of the users in our system that have never created a ticket. We did a user import from a different database a couple years ago and I'...