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  • Feature Request: Query Folders

    As the same with good data I would like to be able to put my queries on explore into folders to make it more organized.

  • Sort Email Tickets by IP


    After reading many articles it does not seem Zendesk can do this but is there a workaround? I have tried the locator app but it requires you to open the ticket and change status to save a tag. What...

  • Pull data from certain time and date

    Hi All,   I am using Good Data and I have reports that pull up how many tickets my agents hit a day (public comment, updater is agent), but we have recently changed our schedule where some of are a...

  • Good Data Agent Que Report

    Dear All,   We have teams all over the world, and right now I am about to see how many touches they have by using public comment by hour.    Is there a way to see how many are in their que by hour?...

  • Automations/Triggers in SDK

    I love the business hour replies but the majority of our customers use the SDK. Is there anyway to set up automatons and triggers to be send to SDK tickets?