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  • Assign Community Posts to Agents/Light Agents

    We have 2 community managers who subscribe to every community topic and get an email every time a new post is made. We then take those posts and put them into Microsoft Planner and assign them to t...

  • Not Sending Emails When Moving Community Posts through the API


    Hi, I swear I saw this post somewhere but couldn't find it. We are doing some restructuring of our community topics and will need to move posts around to some existing forums. Since there are 100's...

  • Can Google Optimize be used with Zendesk Help Center?


    Hi All, Has anyone used Google Optimize with your Help Center for A/B Testing? A brief background - You can use Google Optimize to test out changes with users on your site before rolling those chan...

  • Can gif files be uploaded as assets?


    Could a gif file be uploaded as an asset and used as an image on the main page?  I see they can be inserted into articles but wasn't sure if it would work as an asset on the main page. Thanks,Maggie

  • Difference between help center chat, web widget chat and zopim chat?


    This is probably the most basic of questions but when playing around with the Chat, I noticed that there are three different chat options - the Zopim Chat app, enabling Chat via a Web Widget and tu...

  • Translating Help Center Content

    Hi All! We are an international company and support users in multiple languages.  One of our constant struggles is managing article translations.  I was wondering what solutions others have put int...

  • KB Comment that is Pending Approval?

    We just recently had a situation where someone posted a comment to our Knowledge Base and it was put at a Pending Approval status.  I wasn't able to find any information on why this would happen - ...