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  • CSAT Flow Conundrum

    Hoping some other customers can help give us some ideas here. The Problem: We like to follow up on bad rated tickets to improve the overall customer experience, but want to ensure that ratings are ...

  • Reporting on Follow-Up tickets

    We're piloting a new CSAT flow, where the ticket immediately closes when the customer submits a rating. Unfortunately reporting on the impact is challenging as the channel field shows up as an even...

  • Scaling Chat with Reporting and API needs


    After using Zopim in Zendesk for several months, our team has compiled a list of features and wants that would be really helpful to us in scaling chat support as we grow. Reporting More historical...

  • Duplicate Zopim Tickets


    We have many examples in the past week of the same chat generating multiple Zendesk tickets. Anyone have a work around that doesn't involve the agent leaving the chat open forever? It looks like th...

  • CC Issues

    Hi everyone! We have a unique issue where people who are not in our customer base are being auto-CCd somehow on customer tickets.  In all cases, the email addresses are very similar. In the latest ...