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  • Chat Metrics for Messaging

    Hi, We're looking to manage some real time displays of our Messaging availability and were looking at the APIs for it and found this https://developer.zendesk.com/api-reference/live-chat/real-time-...

  • Secure Settings Not Filled For Zendesk URLs

    Hi, We want to use an app to expose a single admin-restricted API endpoint to non-admin users, so we want to give the app a secure setting that contains a token created by one of our admins and cal...

  • Cannot Reference Settings within Each


    Hi, I was looking to manage some icons for our Categories on our Homepage via the settings, so I have this (stripped down version): {{#each categories}} {{#is id settings.homepage_category_1_id}} ...

  • Bot Flow Builder Management by APIs

    Hi, I'm wondering if there is a way (either currently or planned) to access and edit Flow Builder flows with APIs? We're currently creating some in our Sandbox, and in the long term would want an e...

  • Cookiebot and Google Analytics in Guide

    Hi, We recently added CookieBot to our existing Guide instances, following these instructions, but have found this doesn't block the Google Analytics cookies (on load) created by adding to the sett...

  • Custom Objects String Size

    Hi, I was wondering if there is a hard upper limit (number of characters or bytes) listed somewhere for a single string within a custom object? Cheers in advance, Cheryl

  • API for Guide Theme Uploads

    Hi, We've made a number of in-house Zendesk Apps, and have been able to use the exposed upload and job status endpoints to manage our deployments directly from our CD pipelines. We would love to se...