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  • Trigger recipe: Set priority based on keywords in incoming tickets

    You can create a trigger that looks for key words or phrases in incoming tickets, then adds a custom tag and sets priority. This enables you to give urgent tickets attention first (for example, a c...

  • Views: Best Practice

    Views are the primary way of managing tickets in Zendesk. The tickets displayed in a view respect an agent's ticket privilege, so agents only see the ticket that they are authorised to process. Wh...

  • Reducing Satisfaction Surveys

    Introduction Zendesk's Satisfaction Rating (Professional and Enterprise) allows customers to rate and comment on tickets. By default, 24 hours after solving a ticket, an email goes to the customer ...

  • CC Customer On All Organisation Requests

    We are going to create a trigger to automatically CC a customer on all tickets created for an organisation. The CC address is held in a custom organisation field. You can use one trigger to notify ...

  • Hiding An Agent's Identity

    Administrators should follow a few steps to hide agent identities from customers. Disable personal email replies Remove photo from email template Remove personal agent signatures Use Agent Alias (...

  • Allow Customers To Opt Out Of Satisfaction Questionaires

    Zendesk’s  Satisfaction feature allows customers to rate individual tickets after they have been solved. By default, the satisfaction email is sent by an automation. If you have customers that send...