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  • Getting Started: Insights to Explore

    Introduction Moving to Explore is not starting again for Insights users. You are already familiar with the Support product and the relationship between objects. The metrics and attributes within In...

  • [Explore tip] Last Refresh Timestamp

    Last refresh v last ticket updated The last time a dataset was refreshed is not available directly. But we can estimate that by the latest ticket update timestamp. You can then create a query to di...

  • Macros: Giving different responses based on ticket content

    Using liquid markup, a macro can give different responses based on the content of your ticket. Ticket tags The placeholder {{ticket.tags}}  lists the ticket tags as a string with each tag separated...

  • Missing \ Zero Column Values


    How do you ensure that zero or missing column values are always displayed. In the example below, July is missing because it has no data.    

  • Changes Previous Value v Changes Previous Values ID

    In Explore, the Changes Previous Value only shows IDs for select fields and not the field value. Assignee ID Group ID Ticket Form ID You can find the new value for these fields, but not the previ...

  • Show Table Totals at the Bottom of Columns


    You can add a total to a table using Result Manipulation>Totals But the total appears at the top of the column. It is more natural to see totals at the bottom. Is that possible?

  • Order Columns on Query Results

    Due to the limited screen space given to 'rows', it is really hard to change the display order of attributes. You can just about nudge a column up or down one position but it really should be made...

  • Custom Metric Generates Partial Results

    I have a new date range calculated metric, 'tickets created last week': ... and I select the last week date range. I have a further metric, 'tickets solved last week': .. and again, I select last...

  • Backlog Average Metrics

    Historical Backlog The Backlog Dataset is a little different from other parts of Insights. Using the Backlog normally you report values on a specific event day- for example the last day of the mont...

  • Restricting Satisfaction Surveys by Date

    Introduction Customers with many tickets can become overwhelmed with satisfaction surveys. This frustrates the customer and can lead to invalid satisfaction metrics. This guide will show how to sup...