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  • Unable to see Custom Views


    I created a view within Support that is only available to a specific group. I made sure I was part of this group but the view is still not coming up for me. I checked with someone else that is part...

  • "Show all [x] articles" not showing if less than 7 articles

    I wanted to lean up my category lists so I added this code to my category_page.hbs: <style>.article-list li:nth-child(n+4) {display: none;}</style> Which only displays 3 articles, then gives the pr...

  • Show all articles on Section page

    I have found a few threads about this but nothing seems to work for me. My goal is to have all articles show on the section page. I have already modified the categories page to only show 3 articles...

  • Pre-Chat Form Mandatory?

    I have a trigger set up to initiate a chat if the customer has been browsing for 90 seconds. Just to see if they need assistance. Here is my trigger:   This is what the customer sees:   The issue...

  • Prevent certain Articles from showing in Instant Search?

    Is there a way to prevent certain results while searching?  Here is an example of what I mean: I am logged in as an anonymous user (same would apply for End-User) and did a search for 'run'. The re...

  • How to Remove Search Button?


    I'm working on a custom theme so things might be a little tricky. I was able to add a search function to my article page but I don't like how it looks. My goal is to keep the search text section bu...

  • Send End-User Verification Code


    I have been searching and experimenting for far too long, so I figured I'd put a post up and see if we can find a resolution to this.  What I'm trying to do is create a macro that includes some cod...

  • Change Number of Search Results Per Page

    I've been looking online and through the code yet I can't find how to do this. Right now, when you search the knowledge base, it shows 10 results then however many pages. Is there a way to change i...

  • Multiple Request Forms?

    I have the standard "Submit a Request" listed, but I'm looking to add a second one for a more specific reason.    In short, my end-goal is to have the survey listed at the bottom. When someone clic...

  • Remove Subscription in URL for SEO


    Hi,   I received a report of all the broken links and 404 returns that I have been tasked with correcting. I was able to setup redirects to archived articles and sections, but there are a lot of li...