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  • Don’t raise a ticket, go here instead

    We want to redirect some customers to a webpage if they try to create tickets about specific problems.  For example, we have a form and we ask the product and then the nature of the problem. If the...

  • Welcoming new users

    Looking for some advice on welcoming a new user. We use SSO via our corporate website which provides the authentication, so users don't register directly in Zendesk.   I'm looking for a creative w...

  • Dealing with ticket storms

    Currently all the support we do is via support requests being submitted in dribs and drabs for a multitude of different problems. We have never had to deal with a major incident where a server has ...

  • Target SLA response time

    Hi guru’sI’d like to be able to provide some of our customer with information on when they can expect a reply. For example, they raise a ticket, the SLA is set to 72 hours. I’d like be able to prov...