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  • Default Support Group applied to ticket when Chat ends

    Some peculiar behavior with the tickets created from Chat... Default behavior of Zendesk Support sets the ticket to the *Default Group* of the assignee *after* (not when) the zopim_chat_ended tag i...

  • Stop additional rules after conditions are met

    It would be very nice if there was a rule we could add to triggers and automations that would pull the ticket out of the loop if certain conditions are met.  Similar to the 'Stop if True' checkbox ...

  • Auto-fill a due date?


    Is there a way to automatically populate the Due Date for Tasks?  For example, when a ticket is created on XXX Form, it's set as a Task and given a Due Date 30 days out. Thanks in advance for any s...

  • Identify tickets updated in bulk


    Is there a way to identify a group of tickets that were bulk updated together?   Use case:  Ticket is identified with incorrect information.  We need to know if and what other tickets received the ...

  • Changing requester email sets language to default


    Background: We are global, using many different languages.  Scenario: Ticket is shared from another Zendesk, we must then apply the email address manually (i.e. change the requester) in order for o...