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  • Report on guide users segments

    Hello, I'd be extremely interested in being able to report on user segments, as we are using these to determine if end-users are customers, partners or internal users. Thanks!

  • Display parts of an article based on organization tags

    Hello, I'd like to share a tips I designed and implemented on my company's helpcenter that allows to hide/display parts of an article based on organization tags (part I), along with displaying thes...

  • Help needed with a calculated metric

    Hello, So I have a tough one: I'd like to calculate the estimated Agent workload based on the number of unsovled tickets currently assigned to an agent, but modified by priority, ticket type, and w...

  • How can I remove options from dropdown custom field on help center?

    Hi I'd like to remove some options from a nested dropdown list generated from a custom field based on some conditions. If the conditions aspect is not a problem, removing the options from the list ...

  • Tickets created vs tickets solved

    Hi, I'm facing a difficulty creating a query both display created tickets AND solved tickets. Here is my query: I'm filtering on date range for the last 6 months of data. The problem I'm facing wi...

  • Agent knowledge

    Hi everyone, So there's been a debate within my team regarding the best way to share knowledge between agents regarding specific problems. I'm not talking here about widely spread issues like "how ...

  • Restricting access to Guide based on external end-users accounts

    Hello all, I'd like to know if it is possible to restrict the content of our Guide help center to our customers only, whose accounts are created in our systems and authenticated via Auth0. Is it po...