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  • Bulk Macro Management

    I imagine this would be an incredibly useful feature for those with extensive lists of macros.  In essence, as noted elsewhere [Organising and Managing Your Macros]:  I'd like to echo this request....

  • Embedding Explore / Insights dashboards (charts) into other platforms


    Hi team,My company uses Sharepoint (e.g. a place for internal company communication etc.), intranet of sorts.I am having a page made for Online Support - and want to embed some explore/insights cha...

  • Logging Agent Mistakes


    Hi team,Was wondering if anyone had done this before — I was hoping to generate some reports around agent mistakes made, along with their ticket no. The goal: flag tickets and agent who made the mi...

  • Bulk Updating Light Agents - Organisation


    Hi team,I would very much appreciate some confirmation of the best way forward here.Scenario: Online store dealing with customer enquiries predominately, but also physical store enquiries (with th...