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  • Dynamic Content for Multi-Form requests

    NB: This tip will require multi-forms on your new request page. This is only available with the Enterprise Guide or the productivity pack addon for Professional. We had a need to display some heade...

  • ChatFuel Integration with Zendesk Answer Bot

    A while I asked if there was any way to integrate results from the Zendesk Answer bot into ChatFuel which aside from using Zapier there didn't seem to be a method to do so. Naturally, not happy wit...

  • Proactive Chat Triggers


    So we have recently implement Live chat into our site which is working well when visitors need help but we're now pushing this forward with pro-active chat triggers to encourage users to engage wit...

  • ChatFuel Integration

    We're currently using answer bot on our helpdesk and ChatFuel for Facebook messaging and I'm trying to get the two to talk! What I would like to do is allow user to enter a search request in chatf...

  • Answer Bot Effectiveness

    I'm trying to get Explore to calculate a specific KPI to measure the effectiveness of the answer bot and I'm struggling!   What I would like to do is create a simple percentage showing how many of ...