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  • JIRA Details in Custom Ticket Fields


    We use JIRA extensively and I would love to be able to take key fields such as ID etc and place them in custom ticket fields so they can be added to views, reports etc. Does anyone know if this is ...

  • Make Knowledge Article Mandatory

    Hi, I would like a way to make it mandatory for agents to have to request a KB article if none exists before being able to mark a case as solved i.e. no article exists or was not used in the ticket...

  • Salesforce Ticket View and Mentions

    Hi, Struggling to get an answer from Zendesk support so I am wondering if anyone knows when using the Zendesk ticket view in Salesforce when a light user is adding an internal comment (cannot add p...

  • Create Scorecard

    I am looking for any examples of how someone may have gone about building out a dashboard in Explore which is essentially a KPI scorecard using the standard traffic light scoring system i.e. red, a...

  • View Automated Messages in Tickets

    I have a number of automations sending notifications to customers. While I can add the tag is there any option to have the message included in the messages view (private/public) of a ticket to give...

  • Hide Blank Custom Fields on Requests


    Using conditional logic in the ticket form means there are a lot of questions with blank responses and I would like to hide these to keep the request view tidy. You can see how this looks today in ...

  • Show Request Form as Default Page


    I have one Help Center which really is just a place to host a ticket form. Is there any easy way to automatically redirect a visitor to the help center to the submit a request page?

  • Organization Users Setting

    Is there any way when a new organization is created (automatically from Salesforce in our case via the standard integration) to have the user settings set to 'Can view all org tickets and add comme...

  • Explore and Slack

    It would be great to be able to share individual reports or dashboards to Slack on a pre-determined basis to be able to easily keep other teams updated in a more collaborative fashion than email. I...

  • Display Text Field in Submit a Request Form


    For my 'submit a request' form I have a field where a customer needs to select a priority for the ticket which should align to contractual obligations. If I add the definitions to the description t...