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  • Custom Metric Help

    I have a custom metric called 'Ageing from Agent Update Date'. Definition below:   SELECT MAX((SELECT THIS - (SELECT Date (Ticket Agent Updated)) BY Ticket Id,Ticket Assignee ALL OTHER)) WHE...

  • Limit the number of tabs

    Is there a way to limit the number of tabs an agent can open on Zendesk? We are planning to use the time tracking app and this is to track accurate time spent on each ticket. The time tracking sta...

  • Custom Metric help

    I am trying to create a custom metric to track the duration of a custom field. We have a custom field called 'Product Support Assignee' where we update the name of the individual handling the ticke...

  • Correlation report

    We have a custom drop down field called 'CSE - Root Cause Category' (RCC), via which we record the root cause of the issue reported on the ticket. I am trying to correlate the resolution time on ti...

  • Satisfaction report

    Hoping for some advise on the below query. Why is the # Satisfaction Change number different from Total Taken? Should it not be the same? I have attached the output and report conditions screenshots.

  • Customer escalation management

    Is there a way my customers can escalate tickets directly via Help Center? How it works today: Customer sends an email to the support team requesting for an escalation. The support team then adds...

  • Ordering reports in email schedules

    Is there a way to set a specific order of display when you schedule reports via email and choose 'Send report(s) as: Inline message'? For eg. I have scheduled one email with 2 reports (Report1 and ...

  • Report output customization

    Hello, I have tried searching for other posts but could not find an answer to the below, so expecting some help here. 1. Is it possible to hide a column in the report output? For Eg. I have '# Sati...