Best practice for two similar questions with the same answer?


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  • Joel Hellman

    Hi Marc

    Breaking longer articles into smaller pieces - where each article delivers a piece of potential useful information in the form of a question-answer - can be a very effective approach to get a better ticket deflection than say a very long abstractly named article like 'shipping'.

    But in your example use case, I'd go with one article, if the content is essentially the same, just that customer's might phrase their question differently. If you go with say 'what is the shipping type' as the title, and then use the delivery time etc wording in your article's body, and possibly add some more related keywords as article labels. 

    Imagine your customer browsing your Help Center. Wouldn't it be confusing for them if they had two articles addressing the same core question of 'when do I get my stuff'?
    Also consider maintainability: if you go with two article's delivering more or less the same content, you risk having one article out of date soon if you change your shipping policy, since you might forget to update both articles. 
    So I would focus more on the article's content, and less on the wording/search-phrases, when deciding if it makes sense to break it into several smaller articles or not. 

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