Auto Logout from Talk (Agent forgets to logoff at end of shift)


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  • Kalle Windefalk


  • Adrian Bishop

    Good to hear this will be implemented finally.

  • Adrian Bishop

    Hi, great this is now in the roadmap as we get a lot of complaints about this, do you know when it will be deployed?

    Currently, only Admin can override Talk status if somebody goes offline.

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Adrian,

    No specific dates to provide currently. I would recommend following our Announcements page as any updates will be added there.


  • Juan Battini

    We're also running into this and it's throwing off our metrics on Explore. If a similar feature is already implemented in Chat (agent is set to away after x consecutive missed chats) why can't the same be done for Talk 

  • Whitney Votaw

    Please! We neeeeeeed this. :(

    Can you imagine calling somewhere with an urgent issue (we're healthcare, so every caller could have an issue impacting patient care) to find out you spent a good portion of your wait time ringing an agent who isn't even at work?

    Relying on Agents to sign themselves off is sure to be a problem at some point but completely avoidable via automation. Managing agents on something like this is also a lot of work for Admins whose time is likely better spent aiding Agents or customers in other ways.

    I personally see this feature in these types of formats, with the bold ones being most important:

    • auto-sign off after ____ minutes of Zendesk Support inactivity -AND-
    • auto-sign off after ____ missed call(s) -AND-
    • prompt before closing tab that says "Change status to 'Offline'?" (similar to Zendesk Support if attempting to close a tab before you have saved progress on a ticket) -OR-
    • At minimum, (for Admins) Apply 'Offline' status to agents in bulk
  • Whitney Votaw


    Are there any updates on this? 


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