Fine Tuning: Rolling Out Chat & Knocking It Out of the Park

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  • Peter Rifkind

    We're deciding whether or not to enable chat with a limited release.  One of the challenges we are hoping to conquer is collection of contact information.  I found this old article about a "Pre-chat form", but that option does not appear to exist anymore.

    Any advice or best practices for collecting user information?

  • Sam Gervolino

    Hey Peter! Great question, as collection of user information is always a critical piece of daily operations.

    We would highly suggest you enable the pre-chat form in your Chat widget, as it provides immediate context around who the user is and allows for past user chat history to appear alongside the current chat session. If your team doesn't want to burden your users with inputting this information prior to each chat request, the Chat API can also be used to collect this information automatically, so long as the user is already logged into the page your Chat widget is currently placed on. This article describes the Chat API call you'll need to implement to achieve this.

    Given the pre-chat form is definitely still a feature available on the Basic, Advanced, and Premium plans of Zendesk Chat, I'm curious as to why your account doesn't see it as an option. If you don't mind, I can submit a ticket on your behalf with our technical Support Advocate team to investigate further. Just let me know the subdomain of your Zendesk Support account and I'll get that going!


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