Auto Processing Rules for Suspended Tickets

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  • Lee KB

    Zendesk provides the ability to manage tickets, etc., to a high level of granularity, and yet this suspension function operates on its own and admins have only an indirect ability to control it via white/black lists.

    We're stuck going through the suspended ticket view a few times a day to manually pick out false positives, with zero option to handle anything via Zendesk triggers like we would normally be able to do with regular inbound tickets.

    So it baffles me why Zendesk is so powerful and yet forces this weird 'hand holding' suspender on admins with no options for controlling it or opting out.

  • MichaelVisser

    I'm with Lee's exact sentiments, please extend a level of granular control over suspended tickets to match the experience found in the rest of the Zendesk Agent platform.

  • MichaelVisser

    I'm voting for this, Zendesk has started flagging obviously legitimate support tickets without any rule support for recovering tickets. Add rule support for conditionally recovering Suspended tickets.

  • David Kim

    any updates on this?

  • Gareth

    There should be some options to automatically process suspended tickets based on "cause of suspension". 

    eg. Automated response emails could be deleted

    eg. Received from support address could have a different requester assigned

    eg. detected in email loop could be deleted 

    and so on..

  • Lee KB


    Zendesk is clearly for power users, so this point of over-management really baffles me.

  • Gareth

    Have added shredder pro and it does what we need it to. Shame it adds $50 NZD to our monthly billing for Zendesk. 

  • RJ Hines

    Also curious about this.

    Our agency processes a lot of requests from automated mailing lists. In one of our scenarios - a single submission from a list generates three tickets (to different teams for different tasks).

    If we have more than 10 submissions come in within five minutes, we get 30 tickets generated - half of them are sent to suspended, and the other half appear to be outright deleted as spam, despite the address being whitelisted in our Zendesk environment.

    It seems like a pretty basic need, I'm surprised there is nothing built into Zendesk for this and we'd have to resort to a third-party app.

  • Nate

    What's even worse, is that the suspended tickets pattern matching is pretty terrible, with *no* way to adjust it, even for the benign "system user" detection. For example, if someone forwards or replies to a standard email Non-Delivery-Receipt (NDR), the subject will be prepended with "FW:" or "RE:" as usual, but there's no way to tell Zendesk these are legitimate emails NOT from a system user, even though it's obvious the email isn't from a system user, because the FROM: and SENDER: fields are not a generic account like noreply@ or postmaster@. Instead, Zendesk appears to just look for the words "Non delivery" in the subject line, and suspends the ticket.

    Thus, for anyone who is using Zendesk as a helpdesk, none of your users can forward any broken emails or system-generated emails into Zendesk without them being captured by the suspended tickets.

    On top of this travesty, the "digest" emails for Suspended tickets don't actually have the subject of the suspended ticket in the subject line, so you have to dig through these.

    Every spam filtering system I've ever used (and as a sysadmin I've used a lot) has at at least basic options to whitelist email addresses, domains, or subject lines, yet the Suspended tickets has none of this.

    Finally, all of this would be superfluous with a simple change to simply disable notification emails being emitted for any tickets marked as suspended, but leaving them available as normal tickets in the normal zendesk views. This would allow people to customize their zendesk views to filter out "suspended" tickets from their views if they want, or allow them to see the suspended tickets in their views (so they don't miss them), but would avoid any ticket loops by having the email notifications disabled for the suspended tickets until they are unsuspended.

  • Rio Sevilla

    Hello Zendesk Team,

    Is there any update to this request? I've checked ShredderPro in the marketplace, but to me, this feature request should not have to come from a 3rd-party service.

    We would appreciate any updates that you can provide.

  • MichaelVisser

    Almost celebrating 2 years on this topic... :(

  • Jalle van Goor den Oosterlingh
    Community Moderator

    Hi there,

    The original thread, posted close to two years ago, mentioned that there are some apps in the marketplace which address this issue. Even though the specific apps were not mentioned, I would like to mention a particular app here.

    The free version of this app (Shredder) allows you to create business rules to deal with the suspended tickets. The paid version (Shredder Pro) allows you to fully automate this process as well as the automatic processing of emails which are received from a support address. 

    The good thing about these apps is that they run directly in your Zendesk, there are no external servers which process your data.

  • Lee KB

    For the record, Shredder is available in a free version which at least seems to let you recover and tag messages for further processing. Testing now.

    If any Zendeskers are reading this, a 3rd party app should not be considered as a 'fix' since it can disappear/break/start costing $$ without notice at any time. So this is a band-aide at best!


  • Lee KB

    Testing of 'Shredder' reveals that automatic processing is a 'Pro' feature -- so $50 a month to press a button. So functionality is basically no better than using the Suspended view already in Zendesk.

  • Meghan Howard

    Any update ZenDesk? Recovering 20 emails a day, and this directly affects our levels of customer support. I have a 1 hour turnaround, except for these suspended tickets and I find it unacceptable. 

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Lee, 

    I'm not sure what you mean, could you clarify? 


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