Additional Guide Manager Permissions


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  • Stephen Belleau

    We have similar use cases, this is sorely needed. Having multiple brands/help centers means we need to be able to restrict who can manage content on each of them separately. Every time we grant someone the "Can manage Guide" role permission, it's a risk!

  • Todd Pauley

    YES!!  THIS!! 

    More granularity with who can manage areas of the Guide, is a must.  

    We have different groups setup to support their own content areas under multiple topical sections.  In order for them to be able to move, edit and delete their articles, they presently must have complete access to the Guide.   By doing this, they have access to edit "code" (HTML, CSS, & JavaScript).  Frankly, considering some of the users in there, this scares the hell out of me!  But I don't want to be the one to make all the article changes and rearrangements that they need either, so I've mitigated the risk by manually backing up all sections of the customized pages (which is also tedious).  

    I really need the ability to separate "Arrange Content" and "Customize design" agent access in the Guide.  Also limiting by group, like was currently added for viewers, would be ideal.


  • Alexandra

    Yes please! The ability to give Groups the ability to Edit different sections is also needed. 

    Edit: Was going to do a new feedback post, but makes sense to leave here: 

    We need a role for writers.

    Guide Manager: as is now, all the rights.

    Design: What is mentioned above by Mindaugas.

    Author: they can create an article, edit it, but can't publish. Or delete it. They wouldn't be able to move articles or create/delete sections and categories either. This gives more control to the Knowledge Manager to check formatting, article releases, etc. As it is now, we have to trust authros to tell us when they publish something (this, paired with the lack of notifications for help center changes (other than article comments) is a pain point for me).

  • Cybozu Developers

    We also need a role for outsourcing writers as below:

    • Can create and edit an article only in specific section
    • Cannot edit published documents

    Business Impact:

    • We can not give Zendesk account for outsourcing writers, that causes large work cost for article review process.
    • Now regular staff and outsourcing writers are communicating with word files.
  • Ellen Livengood

    +1 on this. In my case, I am working with a relatively small group of agents (not writers) who would like to be able to draft articles for FAQs etc. I want to limit their ability to actually publish anything, because I want the opportunity to vet and copyedit articles before they are published. I can give them permission to create articles within a section, but they have to be on the honor system when it comes to sending them to me before publish. It would be ideal if the permissions were more granular.

  • Nicholson Valderrama

    Agreed on Mr. Mindaugas' main use cases, as well all of the points made above by other members. 

    Given that we are promoting ZD Guide to be used by more of our internal groups, it would be greatly appreciated to know where this topic/feature is regarding planning or discussion...

  • Ryan McGrew
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey All,

    Just wanted to mention that we have an EAP available right now that allows for more fine grained control around editing content in Guide. You can see more information here.


  • Gaëtan Tobie-Echeverria


    additionally is it possible as a Guide manager to have only access to Guide ? Right now I connect to Support and have to choose Guide then guide admin to land on the All Articles's page of Guide.


  • Bogdan Andrei Sturzoiu

    Hey everybody, you might want to check out the new Guide User Permissions that are being rolled out right now:


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