Community discussion: How do you determine agent staffing and scheduling for Talk?

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  • Dionne Kelly

    My initial go to is an Erlang Calculator.  These are easy to find online.  Simply plug in your department goals as stated above such as Average call volume broken down by hour and day of the week, Average talk time, Abandoned Rate etc.  I'll track this daily, weekly and monthly to see if I need to make a change at any point to include such factors as new clients, change in procedure etc.  

    Some challenges can include a large unexpected surge in call volume  without having the time to interview hire and train quickly.  

    My advice is too always stay on top of the metrics above even if they are not department goals.  You'll always need to know what's going on in your call center and these are great metrics for showing trends both positive or negative.  You won't be able to achieve providing excellent customer service if you don't have the appropriate staff to help them. 

  • Jennifer Rowe
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    HI Dionne!

    Thanks so much for sharing. The Erlang Calculator sounds like a good recommendation. 

    We are still hoping some other users will share how they staff for Talk about well. It'd be great to pull some best practices together. 

    Thanks again!

  • Kim Harley

    Hi Jennifer,

    I'd be happy to share how we rolled out Zendesk Talk at Unbounce.  We have 11 front line coaches available on live channels covering 24/5 support. We offer phone, chat and email support. At most we will have 2 coaches logged onto Zendesk Talk but we focus primarily on being available for chats (as we can meet more of the demand). With little availability or coverage  on this channel we've had to be a little more creative on how we staff this channel. Heres some of our recommendations:

    1.  Record clear wait, hold and IVR messages that set expectations for the customer.
    2.  Play around with the queue time (we keep it to less than 2 minutes for customers before it goes to voicemail), we've found that our customers don't like to wait too long to connect with a coach.
    3. Try out features such as the Abandoned Call feature, this creates a ticket every time a customer abandons a call in the queue. It'll really help keep track of your phone demand during peak/busy hours.
    4. Callback from the queue is a great user workflow for busy coaches as it'll automatically call the customer when a coach is available.
    5.  Train coaches to keep phone call time to a minimum and coach them on how to move longer phone calls to a ticket. We use a QA tool to look into calls longer than our median call time and provide feedback to coaches.
    6. Train coaches to take notes during a phone call or use macros for quick follow ups.
    7. Shape all your contact points to push to your preferred live channel, we highlight chat above contacting us via phone and we are still working on doing a little bit more channel shaping. 

    We've faced a few challenges during our rollout. We previously had used a hard line for our phones, determining if we were busy on phones was easy within the office as all of our Support team phones would ring (it was pretty loud!). This however didn't offer great reporting, and didn't scale when we opened a 2nd office. 

    The round robin system tin Zendesk Talk takes a little getting used to. With a smaller team we would still like to have the option to have the phone ring for all available agents. We often find that coaches forget to set themselves to available after wrapping up a call and will also forget to set themselves as available when they switch to cover phones. Reporting is improving with Zendesk Talk however it still doesn't offer us everything that we need. We have been using the Talk dashboard however we would really love the ability to send notifications to agents to encourage them to log in/wrap up/set themselves back to available and have more insights into the demand in the moment.

    Overall, it has been a pretty positive experience. We have very little issues in terms of the phone quality and it has provided us with the ability to have our coaches contribute remotely....which is a BIG win!

    I'd be happy to connect more on how we've rolled out Zendesk Talk and some features we would like to see in the future. :)


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