For Multi-brand Account : allow end-users to manage their raised tickets across the brands

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  • Dan Ross
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    This would be hugely valuable for us as well. Some of our products are integrated with each other and it would be great to have the tickets viewable in one environment for the user, rather than flipping back and forth.

  • Joe McElhaney
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    Adding my vote for this feature (or recommendations for an alternative solution). We have a substantial subset of organizations and end users who use more than one of our brands and, therefore, can have tickets open across multiple brands at any given time.

  • Nicole - Community Manager
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    Thanks for that feedback, Joe 

  • Karen D Snyder
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    I was about to make a post requesting this feature when the list of similar posts showed me that this has already been requested! Here is my explanation for requesting this feature:

    What is the problem?
    We have multiple brands in our Help Center, and many end users do use more than one brand. If a user creates a ticket in the Help Center of one brand and then logs into the Help Center of another brand, they do not see the ticket created in the first brand under My Requests in the My Activities page.

    Why is it a problem?
    Users are complaining that they can't see their tickets. They expect to see all their tickets no matter which brand Help Center they have logged into.

    How do you solve the problem today?
    We manually changed the brand on a user's open tickets when she brought this problem to our attention, so that she would be able to see all her open tickets in one place. However, we could not change the brand on her closed tickets, as Zendesk does not allow updating of closed tickets. We had to tell her that she has to navigate to the Help Center of the brands where she created the tickets, in order to see them. 

    We are considering using a trigger to automatically change the brand associated with a ticket when it is created, so that going forward, new tickets are associated with a single brand. We will also have to inform all agents to not change the brands on tickets. But we can't do anything about closed tickets that are associated with different brands, so we will still have to tell users to navigate to multiple Help Centers to see their closed tickets.

    How would you ideally solve the problem?
    I would like to have the option of specifying that users can see all their tickets regardless of brand under My Requests in the My Activities page. Or to have another tab in the My Activities page that shows tickets from other brands. There could be another column in the table of ticket information that shows the brand. 

    We considered whether we could do this in the code, but it does not seem to be possible. There are two APIs that we thought could be used to get the ticket information (/api/v2/search.json?query=email:{emailAddress} and /api/v2/users/{userId}/tickets/requested.json), but then we saw in the API documentation that they are not allowed for signed-in users. Also, I believe it would be fairly complicated to change the code in the requests_page.hbs template to use other APIs to populate the My Requests tab, as the current code uses many helpers.

    How big is the problem (business impact, frequency of impact, who is impacted)
    Users with closed tickets that were created in different brands have to go to multiple Help Centers to view their tickets. This is cumbersome and causes frustration and dissatisfaction with the Help Center.


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