Changing Tickets Subject using triggers

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  • Andrew Schreiner

    You could use an extension method to update the ticket using the API. If you make a post request with JSON data as the trigger to the ticket I think you could set the subject to whatever you want. You would also want to make sure the initial email isn't sent out until after that change happens. 

  • Tim Lewandowski

    Using a trigger to set the ticket subject would be a great feature to have.  Are there any plans to incorporate something like this?

  • Eric Haley

    I'd love to get an answer from Zendesk on this question....

  • Kristen Mirenda

    Hi @Eric -- this feature is not currently on our roadmap.

  • Carlos

    This will be an amazing feature to have. Hope we can have it one day where we can change the subject of the ticket using a trigger and based in other fields that the customer selects in our drop-down options during a request from the help center.

  • Eric Haley

    Agreed, Carlos. From a reporting and analysis perspective, subject line creation is crucial and being able to automate it would significantly improve efficiency for my team.

  • Cameron Greenfield

    I'd like to see this capability as well.


  • Pedro Rodrigues
    Community Moderator

    Taking into account @Andrew's heads-up above, here's a very detailed how-to that will help you achieve this.

    "TL;DR" version:

    Go to Extensions, create a new HTTP target, and complete the fields as follows:

    Add your new target to the trigger Actions:


    The final result:

    Hope this helps!


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