Explore Metric - Tickets Solved in Under 24 Business Hours


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  • Hillary Latham
    Community Moderator

    Hey Graham, if you want to create a custom metric in Explore, go to the calculations menu in a query (the calculator on the right) and choose standard calculated metric.  From there you can create a similar metric.  Metrics don't need the select or where part of the statement in Explore - just the select side.  The comments in this Explore Recipe article has a few different types of metric calculations if you want to get a feel for how they work in Explore: https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360022368053-Explore-recipe-Reporting-on-full-resolution-time

    However, you can also just use the standard Zendesk metric, Full resolution time, and then use Result Manipulation > Metric filter to only see tickets with a Full resolution time between 0 and 24 hrs.  This way you do not have to build a separate metric.  You would take this step in each individual query.


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