Add categories (subviews, dropdown view) function to Views

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    Salvador Vazquez
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi all,

    I’ve provided some updates further down in the thread, you can see those here:

  • Sagi M Welzman

    Im all in 👍

  • Sean McKeever

    This for sure is a Zendesk Darling that needs some serious help.  

  • Sadie Sumner

    Bravo!  This is exactly what ZenDesk needs

  • Eckhard Doll

    I agree but I doubt that this will ever happen if even increasing the maximum view count seems to be impossible to do.

  • Fernando Garcez

    Completely agree! This is such a basic thing, I shouldn't be needing to pay a third party app for that.

  • David Rowe

    Yes please, additional views / categories of views would be hugely beneficial in my opinion 

  • Serena De Biasi

    Absolutely voted

  • Ana

    Please do implement this Zendesk!

  • Kris Klimek

    Please we need this!

  • Marek Jaworski


  • Amber Barnes

    Yes I love this solution. Categories were helpful with triggers so this solution is right up to par with that.

  • Stephen F

    This is a great feature, that would be fantastic to see implemented in the product.

  • Salvador Vazquez
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi all - 

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. Improvements to Views are clearly important to many people, and I wanted to let you know that both increasing the number of Views and adding categories to Views is on our roadmap.

    Before we can implement these changes, however, there is some complex and time-consuming work we have to do in order to update the infrastructure to allow for this functionality. This work is crucial and needed before we make the UI modifications. 

    Our ultimate goal is to provide easy access to more than 20 Views in the Views side panel, as well as adding categorization to help you organize your Views. 

    I know a lot of you have been waiting a long time to see this happen, and I want to be fully transparent - we still have a lot to do before we will be able to roll this out. I don’t expect this functionality to be completed for many months yet.

    We will continue to provide updates as we are able.

    Thank you for the feedback you have shared and for your participation in the Zendesk Community.

  • Nathan Purcell

    Salvador Vazquez thanks for the update. Good to see some movement is planned but, with respect, I think you're making a mistake combining these two tasks. To increase the number of available views is so trivial, it's laughable. 

    Grouping views is a great feature (and one that IS worth waiting months for) but combining it with another feature adds a layer of complexity that will only prove to delay a massive quick win. 

    I hope the product team are able to see and understand this so that we don't have to wait months for something incredibly simple. 

  • Jonathan March
    Community Moderator


    We've been asking for more views in the left column, for almost a decade. Like you, I've assumed that this would be trivial to do, and I certainly agree wholeheartedly (and have at times also opined) that if it *is* trivial, then it's a mistake to tangle that up with deeper changes, however positive.

    But the fact that there's been absolutely no movement on this, despite many expressions of good intent, has led me to suspect that there's some serious technical debt behind the current limitation, and that, contrary to our intuition, they actually can't make this "simple" change without rewriting the relevant view and backing model.

    So the fact that they are actually now doing this strikes me as a win, however long overdue.

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Nathan and Jonathan, 

    I can confirm that adding more views is non-trivial. As Salvador indicated, there's some extensive backend infrastructure work required in order for us to enable either additional views or grouping them. 

  • Constantine Kuks


    Are you able to give a more precise time frame for this, rather than "Many months yet".
    This kind of functionality is important for the smooth work of our team.

    I need to decide if it makes sense to wait for you or just go with a Marketplace app.
    (Which, let's be honest, seems like a better solution in any case)

  • Sylvie

    This is exactly the functionality that we currently badly need as a multi-brand account !

    It is really time to be able to enjoy it with the native Zendesk views (which are nevertheless great), without having to go through a paid third-party application.

    Just being able to display more than 12 views would be a big step forward ...

    + 10000

  • David Rowe

    Looking forward to when this improvement arrives! Thanks ZD team

  • Ben Wilcox

    Yes, this is very needed!


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