There is no way to check for broken links in Knowledge Center

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  • Josh


  • Allison S.

    +1 on this! Needed this since day 1; it's hard to keep our content up-to-date without a pop-up or some sort of easy way to search by unique URL (to identify the impact removing an article will have on other articles)

    GA is not helpful enough to identify the broken links, we need something 'in the moment' 


  • Sorin Alupoaie

    I am working on an app that enables you to export a list articles and all the links within each article. The broken links & images are automatically detected and highlighted in the export.

    I'm also open to any suggestion of improving it from the community here.
    It will be released soon, at no cost for all the requests coming from this thread.
    You can register for early access here


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