Trigger to auto-close/resolve VM tickets with short messages


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  • Stephen Belleau

    Joshua Bentley This sounds familiar! We found a solution for exactly this scenario.

    Create a trigger with these conditions:

    • Ticket is Created
    • Channel is Voicemail
    • Comment text does not contain the following string: Transcription

    Then you can perform whatever actions you like. We set status to solve, add a unique tag, and fill in our category dropdown for reporting purposes.

  • Joshua Bentley

    Thank you, Stephen Belleau! Just added the trigger for all future tickets for which those are true as well as an automation to clean up older tickets too.

    Have you come across a way to rename other phone numbers? For example, one of our IVR choices is to be transferred to Billing. They are an external number (not using Talk). I can see the number of times people are choosing that number, but I have to remember which number is which (or refer to my post-it note), but I want to be able to show that number as Billing always.

  • Stephen Belleau

    No problem :)

    Haven't tried anything like that personally! But if the IVR transfer number shows up in that internal comment, you should be able to use it in a trigger condition the same way we're looking for the transcript string. 

    So if comment text contains string: 123-456-7890

    then add a tag or dropdown or something to identify it as Billing? 

  • Joshua Bentley

    Thanks again, Stephen. My 2nd question was (mostly) unrelated. Had to do with more with Explore. Not every number we have goes through Talk so it's not possible to tag all of them. :(

  • Stephen Belleau

    Joshua Bentley Gotcha! Then yes, I think there's a way.

    For your Talk query, create a custom attribute. We'll use the SWITCH function to replace the phone number with something more meaningful. You could just say "Billing" or you could keep the number and just append Billing, like below:

    SWITCH ([Call IVR destination]) {
    CASE "+1 (818) 123-4567": "+1 (818) 123-4567 (Billing)"
    CASE "+1 (800) 234-5678": "+1 (800) 234-5678 (Technical)"
    DEFAULT: [Call IVR destination]

    Hope that gets you what you're after!


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