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  • Stephen Belleau

    Joshua Bentley  You can totally do this! Adding buttons to toggle between common ranges is done via Bookmarks

    The behavior you describe with the precanned dashboard automatically filtering for last 30 days is done with a Bookmark. Since it's just a single bookmark setting a default, the precanned dashboard has hidden the bookmark so you can't see it or interact with it. But you can expose the bookmark widget on your own custom dashboard, and add several of them for common ranges.


    In this article, see "Configuring dashboard filters" and then the "Setting up the bookmarks" section. This example walks you through setting up three common ranges: 12 months, 12 weeks, and past 30 days. But you can make this whatever date ranges you'd like :) 

  • Joshua Bentley

    Thanks, Stephen Belleau! I figured out the hidden bookmark thing not too long after I posted, but the rest of your information is really helpful.


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