Add end-user as CC via Trigger or Automation

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  • Ross Dewar

    bumping this thread.  I'm finding it difficult to understand why this feature doesn't already exist.

  • Timothy Tucker

    Why doesn't this feature exist? A possible reason:

    I worked at a company which had baked their own ticketing system and implemented a similar CC feature. As a result of numerous issues, such as; being blacklisted multiple times, infinite looping due to automated ticket updating from email triggers, distribution list fun, out-of-office reply cycling, etc... we had to put extremely tight restrictions on automated emails. There were only a hand full of people in the company who were allowed to make changes to these lists and there needed to be a detailed communication between the email admins before we would allow this.

    Basically, this is extremely difficult to do correctly and changes on either side can have far reaching effects to everyone involved.

  • Guavus

    Hello Zendesk team,

    This has not been updated since 2018, is there new progress for this feature.


  • Stuart Buddrige

    Is there any update on if/when the feature of being able to add an end user as a CC is happening?


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