Zendesk Voice: New call notification through speakers, call through headset


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  • Meghan Howard

    +1 for this functionality, implementing this into a call center that is seasonal, during the slow season, they may be in a different tab or not have the headset on, it would be great to have the option for the alert to go thru main computer speakers. 

  • Lee Burkhill

    +1! Shocked that this feature still hasn't been implemented. For a large call centre like ours, it's really important that agents can hear when a call comes through without having their headset glued to their head!


    Seems like a rudimental option that all telephony software should have, right?

  • Alexander Kapur

    Echoing we had a call center simulation today, and lacking this sound preferences feature, call workstation handling is cumbersome and inefficient.

  • Michael Rieder

    Hi Klaus Gotthardt

    Maybe you have a direct contact to give us same more information about plans to release such a feature.



  • Peter Dowling

    Any news on this feature?  This is a necessity for our business. 

  • Francois S

    my vote too, after 7 years... 

  • jamestowndistributors

    Still no updates?

  • John Baker

    Update? Time line? Your last comment on this was six months ago. I would really like to know when this feature will be released.

  • Ninna

    awaiting update on this issue. 

    Our support /customer service team really needs this ring outloud in the office 

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Lars - 

    I'll flag this for the Talk Product Managers to review next week. Sit tight for a few days and we'll get an update from them mid-week. 


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