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  • Katarzyna Karpinska
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thank you all for your comments, I agree that Content Blocks doesn't solve the case of placing one article in multiple sections and categories in your Help Center. This functionality is designed for reusing smaller fragments of content, like disclaimers, legal notes, call-outs, etc. across the articles, locales, and brands. 

    I'm sure that Nicole S. was excited to share it with you as it's our first step into the area of reusability of content and removing redundancy of some of the knowledge management tasks. It's not the only one however and we also plan to look into multiplacement of the articles.

  • Chad Smith

    Thank you for the update.
    So that we have a realistic expectation, with Content Blocks being the first step (in EAP) and with article multi-placement being planned, does that mean we are still some time away from this feature request being fulfilled?
    It sounds as though Content Blocks are the first phase, with multi-placement articles being a later phase.

  • Katarzyna Karpinska
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Chad Smith yes, we are still some time away from fulfilling this feature as we are focusing on making Content Blocks a powerful tool, but it definitely something that we want to work on in the future.

  • Christian Rasmussen

    Hi Katarzyne, thank you for the info.

    However, don't think I'm the only one who feels that this is a bit of a joke. This ticket has been going on for 8 years - we are patiently waiting, and the requirements are clear. Then, you start promising us a solution and when it finally arrives it's not what we expected nor what we wanted.

    From what you're telling us now, it sounds like you've realized the entire time, that this isn't going to solve our requirements. Again, you are now promising us a feature "in the future" - what's that? 8 more years?

    I completely understand that you can't give us timelines. But when you're fully aware of the fact, that the solution you've been promising us for several years isn't going to cut it, just admit it. I'll far more respect a concise response about this issue not being given any focus for the foreseeable future. Then I at least know what's going on and what I can expect. Now, I'm just disappointed.

  • Katarzyna Karpinska
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Christian Rasmussen, looking back at this thread I understand your frustration. However, I'd like to make it clear that Content Blocks have not been designed specifically for the case described here, they are solving a different problem in the large area of reusing the content which we want to improve. We see Content Blocks as a start and we hope to follow it with the feature you are requesting. 

  • Chad Smith

    I'm only a new customer, so I certainly don't have the same right of action as other existing customers. However, I did recently stumble on this thread because this is something which I naturally expected Zendesk to already be able to do.

    Having now been through the entire thread, it is disappointing that not only has it taken so long to get to this point, but it sounds as though it is still not even close to being delivered.

    Timeline Summary

    2012 - Original request.
    2013 - Officially added to the roadmap. (Link)
    2013 - Delayed due to other highly requested features. (Link)
    2014 - Request for use cases. (Link)
    2014 - Feature not being planned "anytime soon". (Link)
    2015 - The 'Planned' label is removed from the thread. (Link)
    2016 - First public signs of active R&D. (Link)
    2016 - Customers start becoming restless due to the lack of action.
    2017 - Feature evaluation continues. (Link)
    2018 - Target for EAP in Q1 2019. (Link)
    2018 - EAP delayed to mid 2019. (Link)
    2018 - First mention of 'Reusable Content'. And an admission that this is not quite the same as the requested feature. (Link)
    2019 - Still no ETA, but feature is being actively worked on. (Link)
    2019 - Survey for feedback and use cases. (Link)
    2020 - Suggestion that 'Content Blocks' is the official solution to the feature request. (Link)
    2020 - Confirmation the 'Content Blocks' is not the official solution. (Link)
    2020 - Confirmation that the original feature request is now planned for future development. (Link)

  • Simon Bettison
    ALTER TABLE articles ADD COLUMN ptr int;

    Then add a field on edit article page that lets you point to a different article, and update render code to check it...

    def render_article(id)
      article = Article.find(id)
      return render_article(article.ptr) if article.ptr.present?

      //renders article

    it's a hack, but it buys 8 years of good will back whilst you work on a proper solution?


  • Sergio Seplovich

    I am with Chad on this one! This is long overdue! 

  • Fiona W

    +1 would be great to have more flexibility to have sections show up in multiple places so the customer can easily find the info they need where it might be relevant

  • Thomas Soares


  • Natalia Gonzalez


    This request was placed 8 years ago with 370 comments 

  • Thomas Joussot

    +1 c'mon!!! Now 371 comments!

  • Kelsey Davis

    So integral for our needs and our customer needs! Please bring this up to higher priority.

  • Flo

    This would be super useful for me

  • Amanda M.



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