Need way to give incentives for community forum participation


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  • Andrea Saez

    This is a fantastic idea - I approve!

  • Cheryl Wetherington

    This would be great in conjunction with the Community Moderator request.

  • Francis Dupont

    I recently saw this video on the subject:

    Since then, I'm looking for a way to integrate this with Zendesk. Anyone, find a way to achieve it with the REST API or you are using another solution as Badgeville?


  • Andrew J
    Community Moderator

    Hello Patrick, there is nothing available for this currently, however it is a great idea.

  • Anna Tsoy

    There is currently no documentation on how to use REST API for gamifying your forums, although services like Badgeville could help with setting this up. A search for "gamification forums" can also help locate other tools and services that could assist with this.

    This functionality is not currently available in the product, however this could change in the future. We welcome your feedback on this!

    Anna | Customer Support |

  • Francis Dupont

    You can measure the recency and frequency of your users by extracting the last_update field of each users with REST API.  If you count the number of time they participate in the forum, you can get a virality measure.  I don't see how we can measure the duration, ratings and knowledge variable of the users. By the way, these variable are use to measure engagement.

    At some point, people who have the shortest recency, highest frequency and highest virality are probably your users that are most engaged in your forum.  You build up a list of these users, publish it in your forum news once a week and you get a leaderboard.

    That's just an idea! :o)

  • Jennifer Rowe
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Francis, thanks for sharing your idea. I like the way you're thinking. :)

  • James Koons

    It would be great to see something like influitive as a part of the forums. You get points based on completion of challenges/goals. Ranging from following on twitter to commenting on articles etc. The points can be spent on services they offer such as charity donations, passes to events or professional services.

  • James Rockett

    Our company just launched an open REST solution that does what you want and more.  Badges, skill building and tracking, rewards, leaderboards, etc. all customizable from a central dashboard.  Check out our Zendesk integration guide:

  • Doug Hooton

    James,  Do you have any customers who are using redcritter for Zendesk community gamification?

  • Angela Olson

    I'm curious, too, if anyone is using redcritter  (or any other tools) for Zendesk community gamification?

  • Mary Paez

    Integrating this with gamification would be great.  We need  to reward participation of both internal staff and our customers.  As they participate more, they get promoted thru the gaming levels.

  • Imbi Joy

    +1 to James. We recently switched from influitive to Zendesk Community.

    Gamification of the forum could bolster participation with challenges/goals, and incentives to continue discussions.

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Thanks for the feedback, Imbi!

  • Mike Davis

    I concur!

  • Kasper Sørensen
    Zendesk Product Manager

    We've launched an EAP for adding badges to your Gather communities! Head over to the announcement for more information.


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