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    Gorka Cardona-Lauridsen
    Zendesk Product Manager

    We are happy to announce that we have finally started rolling out the Agents managing requests via Customer Portal feature to address this request.

    We are expecting to complete rollout by October 14th.

    You can find more details in the documentation here.

  • Thomas D'Hoe
    Community Moderator

    Hi @Benjamin,

    I don't see why this is not yet picked up by your development team.

    The use case is really simple, when using Zendesk as an internal servicdedesk (HR, IT, Facilities, ...) in a single instance than an agent form Facilities could be and end-user for HR. So at that moment he needs to be the ability to create requests right from the ticketforms in the helpcenter.

    I don't see why it takes so much time to put this on the roadmap, because like you know it's not a problem to use ticketforms right from the webwidget (even when you are an agent). 

    Zendesk calls this a new feature, I call this a bug.

    So please wake up, this is something really needed and if not, Zendesk will lose a lot of clients.

    Ps: Like Zendesk is also using Zendesk for their internally business, I think even Zendesk is struggling whith the same problem. 

  • Terry Waldron

    The last comment on this from Zendesk was 8 months ago and we've seen nothing since , this issue isn't going away but I feel some of your customers may be.

    We use Zendesk for internal ticketing and service desks , we manage multiple activities through one instance so the ability for agents to create tickets through the standard webforms is critical for us.

    Please can you update us on the progress of a solution to this , its not very encouraging as a customer to have to post this request on a 4 year old thread , it doesn't say a lot for your turn around time.

  • Fabian Bellino

    We would love for agents to be able to use Help Centre forms.  Over a quarter of our company are either agents or light agents so teaching them how to use forms away from Help Centre is just an extra step we dont need

    Agents can also submit tickets from within the agent interface without filling in all information.  If they use Help Centre, all fields must be filled in before submitting which is what we are trying to ensure

    Is this on the roadmap at all?

  • Drew Story

    Did anyone ever write a means to do this?  I would agree that this would make teaching our Light Agents how to use Zendesk simpler, too.

  • Fabian Bellino

    After much digging around, we have been given this by our ZD AM;preview_as_role=end_user

    where ????? is the form id


    Not sure why nobody else at ZD knew about this though?

  • Benjamin Keyser

    Thanks for that vote! The internal departmental use case is a really important one for Zendesk, and we're actively working on providing a better solution. We're currently in the process of identifying how to create a robust solution, and I'll come back to you here with more as the solution comes to light. 

  • Rebecca White

    Bumping this up. 

    I find this a huge oversight as just because someone is an Agent doesn't mean they don't need to file a ticket.


    Yes, they could do it from within the support tool - but they shouldn't have to.  We have multiple forms and fields that agents regularly have to fill out and not allowing them to do it the same way others do is a huge problem.  We want to practice what we preach to end users so being able to have the same experience for all is huge.


    At least give us the option to "Show Submit a Request to Agents" so we have the choice.

  • Joel Hellman

    H Drew. I haven't seen anything or found a ready-made solution. We didn't plan on teaching to use Zendesk for our Light Agents which are just consulting employees either. 

    My realization is that HC doesn't seem to be built for agents to use at all: 
    - 'My Activites' redirect to Zendesk UI
    - there is no way to submit tickets through HC
    - HC doesnt handle internal comments

    So I guess we have to think again. 



  • Wez Ireland

    Hi Erin,

    First of all, I'd like to thank you for chiming in on this thread. The need in theory should be as simple as adding (or updating a permissions setting on the back end), since the button and functionality already exists.

    Our use case is that we have employees who are non-technical, that are required to do a small task in congruency with our tickets, and then reply that their bit has been done. Since they are non-technical, they do not need the full agent view when they submit their own requests, although, having both views for them will greatly help on the learning curve.

    By having this functionality, we'd get more corporate buy-in on the platform, and enable the organization to increase our agent count. Please consider this when evaluating the cost for man-hours vs. user-friendliness and total potential revenue.



  • Brad

    The inability for agents to use forms is a huge hurdle when using conditional fields.  We have complex forms to handle requests and reports that both end users and 30% of our agents need to use.  Additionally with SSO and company computers we can't just ask agents to logout.

    Without the ability to access the forms it makes it very difficult for many.  Zendesk please just add this as a setting in agent roles.


  • Brad Rhodes

    It's been more than 6 months since I posted here - are we any closer to this functionality being available? My company recently was forced into the theming update and after doing so, the hacky workaround we had used previously to provide Agents with a link to create tickets using the end-user form, no longer works - making this functionality vastly more critical than it was before.

    While griping persists about experience, I remain committed to the notion that the primary need here, is in allowing forms-owners to actually require data.

    There is a vast gulf between "require end users to complete before submitting" and "require agents to complete before solving" and in the gulf is a lot of frustrated consumers of forms, and creators of forms.

    Can we get a zendesk response to this please?

  • scott.patterson

    Hi all,


    I agree with the other comments here, in that it doesn't seem like a major overhaul to fix (all the functions already exist, workarounds exist, and apparently a beta exists?), with a few very real use cases.


    Form Benajmin's list, we need this for #1 and #3

    Internal department wants to get tickets from employees who are agents

    Logging tickets on behalf of end users


    Another reason for us is with automation of tickets flowing between two Zendesk instances with sharing turned on, making sure the tickets are automatically shared with the right fields and the right details entered. Especially when fields can be set as 'required' by end users when submitting a form, but not required when an agent manually creates a ticket. This makes our automation and sharing of fields not have all the necessary details filled in for agents that create them manually.

    It's also not great for consistency to tell some users to submit forms some way, and other users to submit in another way, and having to give out different URLs depending on who we might be talking to. Having things simple and consistent for any users (or able to be turned on for any users) would work much better.


    Really hoping this gets added soon, seems like a lot of people that want to rely on this 'feature' and a lot of combined time spent on trying to work around something that isn't too complex of a problem.




  • Shane Phelan

    This is critical for us too. We have many internal people who are both agents and requesters. We just need our agents to have the "Submit a request link" to access forms for ticket submissions.

  • Alberto Iaccarino

    Cannot believe some many years have passed and this has not been address as yet. Having this functionality will simplify creating tickets for sales staff in my organisation, which need to be light agents to review tickets for their customers

      I add my vote

  • Dan Gray

    Another +1 for adding the ability for an agent to submit a request through the Help Center.

    We want our customers to use the help center to submit requests to our support team.  We want our agents to be able to use the hep center to submit requests to our engineering resources in Zendesk.  An update on roadmap plans for this functionality would be awesome.  Thanks!

  • Anna Tsibulskaya

    We had the same issue and kinda "hacked" a fix for it using multiple approaches, including preview mode (by setting cookies, not query param) and different emails for agent users and end-users. I concluded all the options from this thread, options that I found on google and our approach in the blog post. Will be happy if you find it useful.

  • Distinctive Schools

    5 years.. still no roadmap?

    There are so many solutions that could be added but the easiest one that comes to my mind is let us change the damn agent view!

    For crying out loud why make us shove all those fields into 1.5" when we have 22"+ desktop monitors?

    Even with a 13" retina display there is so much dead space because of the static design of the ticket context and the comment thread.

    Pleeeeease, do something. Or you can just add an option to tick on Guide submission forms for agents. The agent view is not a good user experience for managing business processes.

  • Alfredo Navarro


    We are also struggling with this huge limitation. We have quite nice end-user friendly ticket forms in Guide / Help Center that our agents cannot use, this is quite of a surprise for a product like Zendesk. In addition, light-agents are also following under this category of "agents", therefore they also cannot use the ticket forms; in our organization we have top managers as light-agents and it is incredible to tell them that they need to use the agent form when they need to create a ticket.

    We have another use case when using multiple brands. We have agents working on a specific brand, and immediately with the current definition, they are not able to create tickets for another brand via the Help Center. If the center is public, then they can of course open another browser and raise the ticket without login (definitely not very obvious). If the center is private, then there is no way at all and they cannot use the help center ticket form.

    All this together it is not bringing a good image of the overall solution to our own agents. They find the way to create ticket in the Zendesk agent interface, but this is not always clear and they also do quite some mistakes (e.g. choose the wrong Brand, Form, etc).

    Moreover, admins and developers are also struggling to test the form, unless that they execute a specific sequence of steps in order to open it in "preview" mode. This becomes even harder when the theme is retrieved from Github (it is possible to preview but with a very interesting and not friendly workaround, or the connection with Github is broken = edit code).

    This functionality should be part of the standard and for me it is incredible that there was no feedback from the product development team after 5 years, almost 100 votes and more than 100 comments on this topic.

    We will continue struggling with this but I am not sure for how long. As soon as we introduce more brands within the same Zendesk and there are more and more agents, then the problem is bigger.

    I really hope that there is a solution for this issue soon and this functionality becomes available, otherwise I would personally think that there is no interest from Zendesk on the further development  of Guide and the ticket form functionality, which we are extensively using in our organization.


  • Gorka Cardona-Lauridsen
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi All

    Just wanted to let you know that, this feature request has finally made it onto our roadmap and we expect within a few months to enable you to enable your agents to use the request form and the request page the same way end users can.

  • Erin Boyle

    Hey all,

    Just wanted to quickly chime in here. I do know there are use cases here where agents sometimes serve as both agents and customers (especially when used for internal teams). While we're aware of this request and understand the need, I also want to be up-front and let you know that improving Zendesk for this particular use case is not on the roadmap at this time.

    That being said, we'll keep this thread open so others with the same need can continue the conversation. It is, of course, possible that we might change our stance on this in the future.


  • Kendall Chandler

    Having the ability to access forms from the New Request page as an agent would also allow us to test conditional field form configurations prior to publishing them for end-users. We're able to set forms to Agent-Only, and make the configurations behind the scenes, but there's currently no way to test that the configuration is working without publishing the form to our customers. We're currently developing some complex forms, with integrations to PagerDuty, that we really need to be able to test prior to pushing to production. Currently the only solution is to set everything up in a sandbox, but as we all know Zendesk sandboxes can't push configuration changes to production, so you're effectively doing all of the work twice, and migrating the configuration introduces the possibility of errors occurring even after you've validated. The whole point of validating ahead of time is to avoid this, and this would be a simple solution.

  • Kristin Woodard

    We have utilized the "Preview as role = end user" URL switch, however, it requires the agent to have admin status on our Zendesk Instance. This switch is actually referring to the preview state an agent can access when creating/modifying the html of the portal. I cannot feasibly make every agent an admin on the portal, it defeats the purpose of security settings.

    We utilize Zendesk for more than just support requests. Users request equipment, mobile devices, etc through various Zendesk forms on our site. Many of our Agents are also managers who are expected to request equipment and devices on behalf of their employees. It is much more efficient to fill out a form rather than a ticket.

    I would love to see this redirect to the agent interface when attempting to access a form as an option rather than a forced setting. This would allow Zendesk to serve the folks who would prefer not to be redirected and still maintain the feature for those who love it.

  • Thomas Elliot

    Very disappointing to see the new Zendesk Guide rebrand come through while ignoring this feature requests. This seems like a very obvious interaction that should exist by default, allowing Agents to determine the best method of submitting requests for their workflow. 

  • Candace Alexandres

    I believe that there is a beta to allow agents to view the "Submit a Request" page. Can someone at Zendesk provide an update? 

  • Candace Alexandres

    Hi All, 

    This was a sticking point for my company to sign up with Zendesk. They got us added to some sort of beta that allows agents (full and light) to use the Help Center forms just like end users. I didn't have to do any setup on my end. It's not something that I've seen advertised in the Zendesk Help Center, so I'd suggest raising a ticket and asking to be added to the beta. 

    Hope that helps! 

  • Rebecca White




    Can you provide more info about this? I put in a ticket with support and they said they couldn't find such a beta.


    Thank you

  • Fernando Duarte

    @Jeffseed I would love to learn how you implemented Form Stack as the lack of this functionality may be the last straw that breaks the camel's back and forces me to migrate to a different incident management system all together

  • John Sherlock

    The lack of the basic functionality for agents to submit requests is a workflow blocker for our company. Our Zendesk instance is used to support multiple internal teams and issues, and we use different forms for different processes. Agents that solve certain tickets for one form may very well need to submit a request through a different form.

    The preview_as_role=end_user workaround in the URL no longer functions as it once did unless the HC preview is enabled, but that only seems to be possible for Team Leads and Administrators.

    This issue has been open for 4+ years. Is anyone from Zendesk prioritizing this functionality?

  • Stephen Maunder

    +1 on this this is a key thing! we have account managers that are light agents but we want them to be able to raise internal tickets without having to navigate the support side as it just adds confusion :( Please add this feature


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