Using SurveyMonkey to collect satisfaction responses

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  • Mary Kay Soto

    Is there a way to push information from the survey back into Zendesk.  It would be nice to see an overrating on the zendesk ticket. 

  • Emily

    Hi Mary Kay, 

    You could create a custom ticket field and use our API to send Survey Monkey data to that ticket field. Check out for the details on using our API.

    It's worth mentioning that the reference to ticket satisfaction in business rules and reporting is specific to Zendesk's satisfaction rating system. It does not capture Survey Monkey info. You may be able to report on the Survey Monkey custom ticket field you populate via the API, depending on the type of field you build and the reporting tool in question.

  • Julie Saliba

    Any way to force KB users to fill in a survey before accessing their requested KB article? Eg when clicking on a link or logging in, it will display the survey before directing them to the KB page?


  • Brian Beck
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hi Julie,

    Unfortunately, there is not a way to force KB users to fill out a survey before getting to their requested article using either native Zendesk functionality or the SurveyMonkey integration. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news in this regard. 

  • Jay

    How exactly do you put Zendesk placeholders in the link? It doesn't allow you to use =, +, or {{ }} characters when you make a survey monkey link.

  • christine

    Just a note that the feature to append a  unique ID to the end of your survey link only works under a SurveyMonkey Platinum plan (currently $780/year)

  • Canio Caputo


    You stated "You could create a custom ticket field and use our API to send Survey Monkey data to that ticket field. Check out for the details on using our API."

    I'm trying to figure out how to do this.  Do you have a reference?

  • Bob Novak
    Zendesk Team Member

    To clarify the use of placeholders, you would add them to the end of the link generated by SurveyMonkey when you are editing the notification Trigger in Zendesk. Not in SurveyMonkey itself.

    First, you define the variables when you design the survey as shown in the SurveyMonkey article. For example:

    Variable Name: n
    Label: Name

    Then you create a web link collector like this:[n_value]

    You don't add the Zendesk placeholders in the SurveyMonkey interface, but that link collector provides the format you should use. Then, you copy that link collector into your Zendesk Trigger body, and replace the bracketed values with placeholders like this:{{ticket.requester.first_name}}

    I would also recommend if you are using a Trigger with Survey Monkey to send a satisfaction survey that you check for and disable the default Automation that would send the standard Zendesk survey. You probably don't want users getting two.

  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator

    Is there any way to get the full string link to be presented in the Zendesk email as text with a hyper link such as "Click this survey link"


  • Greg - Community Manager
    Zendesk Developer Support Team

    You absolutely can do that! In your trigger, you would want to use HTML in order to render this link. Specifically, you could use this format: <a href="url">link text</a>, where "url" = the actual URL link and ""ink text" is the specific text that you would like to show to your customers!

  • Carlo de Lieto Vollaro


    is there any way to send the SurveyMonkey link via chat and not via email?

    We use ZenDesk only for our Social Caring activites, and on Facebook only up to now. Our agents use to paste their unique SurveyMonkey link at the end of the chat. Is there any way to trigger this?

  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hey Carlo! Welcome to the Community!

    I'm a little confused as to which channel you're using...are you using Zendesk Chat or Message? I need a little more information to be able to answer your question.

  • Travis Abdelhamed


    SurveyMonkey has the ability to embed a survey using HTML on a webpage, can we achieve this using a triggered email via an automation or trigger?

    If so, has anyone done this before and can share an example?

  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator

    We haven't been able to embed the survey using HTML on Zendesk emails but we HAVE been able to create our own survey, pull over the customer info and Assignee info and have the survey link in the Solved emails that go out from Zendesk from certain groups. 

    We set up Custom Variables in Survey Monkey (don't use variables that return spaces!)

    Then Survey Monkey provides the basic link and you edit the variables as needed

    Test it in your Trigger(s). For us, we cloned the current Solved Notification trigger and modified it to include the survey link if the Group matched some conditions.  Be sure to go back to the original Solved Notification trigger and exclude those groups so you don't send 2 emails upon every solve!

    et voila!

    We have to export the results from Survey Monkey but we bring over the ticket number and the requester and assignee info.  In a way this is good because Agents aren't stressed out about their results.  We do openly share the data but it's not tied to performance increases or anything.

    I hope that helps. I'm happy to go into more details if needed.




  • Chris

    Hello - for anyone who tried using Survey Monkey here, what would prevent the agent themselves from clicking the generated survey link and rating themselves? Just a question -- only hesitation I would have.

  • Adam Gudmundsson


    They'd never see the link, depending on how you set it up. If you give them access to Surveymonkey then sure, they could exploit that.
    We don't update the ticket; we send a new email which never creates a ticket unless the recipient answers the survey email.

    Also, you can block more than one review from the same person.

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Thanks for sharing that insight, Adam! 

  • Paul Snyder

    Hey all!

    Looking for help with a customer service survey I'm working on. My SurveyMonkey web link collector is: . .?assignee=[assignee_value]&type=[type_value]&id=[id_value]&tags=[tags_value]&requester=[requester_value]&date=[date_value]

    and my URL to include in Zendesk tickets is: . .?assignee={{}}+type={{ticket.ticket_type}}+id={{}}+tags={{ticket.tags}}+requester={{}}+date={{ticket.created_at_with_timestamp}}

    I want to pass through those custom variables from the Zendesk ticket to SurveyMonkey, but there is no data for those variables when I export the survey response from SurveyMonkey.

    Also, I've used the standard [text](URL) markdown to remove the custom variables in the description, but I still see both URLs when I send the link to my Gmail address from Zendesk. Anyone know why that is?

    Many thanks!

  • Adam Gudmundsson

    Hey Paul!

    I thought I left a comment here, but seems like it didn't go through...

    Do you have custom variables enabled in surveymonkey? Only certain account levels allow for custom fields. 
    If so, have you customized them? 

    More info here:
    If you're logged in, it also tells you if you have access to Custom Variables or not in the top right of the article.

    URL's look correct.
    Exporting to Excel should include your custom variables, but I've noticed that automatic exports to other systems might not. 

    Can't help you with your last issue without seeing your code. We use an image-button instead of a text link, using HTML.
    Below for text, using HTML.
    <a href="">Click here!</a>

  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk Team Member

    Thanks for jumping in, Adam!

  • Paul Snyder

    Thanks all for the help! I think I figured something out...much appreciated!

  • Conza

    Hi team,

    I get quite a few CSAT feedback that isn't about the agents actions, but about the overall experience (outside my team & control). 

    A way to make the CSAT's more accurate, I was hoping to capture somehow with a link to NPS in the CSAT email... in case the customer wants to provide NPS about overall experience... not just ruining the agents CSAT, when they did a pretty good job etc. e.g. link to SurveyMonkey form.

    Any ideas how to accomplish this? 

  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Conza,

    Are you using SurveyMonkey to collect this feedback or the native CSAT automation in Support? There's the Satisfaction Reason feature that will allow for you to capture additional information from the user if they're unsatisfied.

    Otherwise, you may be able to create a Trigger that captures in bad sat tickets and sends a follow-up email to the requester for additional information. You can also use a Trigger to tag these tickets so they're filtered out of certain reports.

    These are just a couple of solutions that may work but other users may have an alternative for you.


  • Joe Sibley

    I was told by an agent that I can use SurveyMonkey to limit the number of surveys that are sent out to our end-users.  He gave me this link, but I'm not seeing it.  We use this for HR and our employees get tired of the same survey over and over.  How can I limit or decrease the frequency of the surveys being distributed?

  • Devan - Community Manager
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hello Joe Sibley,

    So I went ahead and included the link to the 3rd party app SurveyMonkey that one of our Advocates suggested to you in a previous ticket below. This app should allow you to go ahead and tackle some of the pain points you listed but in case you run into any issues with this app I've also included a link to their help center.


    SuveyMonkey Help Center

    Best regards. 


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