Customize Help Center "Follow section" email notification

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  • Vladan Jovic
    Community Moderator

    +mil for this option 

  • Klin

    +1 Please all the useful emails, customized or not, are going straight to the spam box!

  • Kalle Windefalk

    I would like to see a more dynamic feature (at least the ability to turn it on/off). What about Hi-light paragraphs, text or images or whatever, that has been changed in the last update that generated the article update email. Some articles we have for the agents contains a lot of information. Hi-lighted changes would speed up the follow-up on what has been changed without the need to read it all through again to find that a simple line of text has changed (which could be crucial)

  • Mitchell Smith

    Just come across this also. 


    This is really not good for engagement. I can see that users will get an email about a new article, scrub through it on the mail (which is never as nicely formatted as the site) and not visit the site. 

    I appreciate that email customisation is hard however surely in the meantime we can have 2 formats one with the full article and one only showing the title and a few lines for example. Then we can choose a toggle option to select how its sent.

    We won't need full customisation but just the option to hide the main body of an article. Especially when they contain lots of images and additional content which is not favourable for a users mailbox.


    Any updates will be great thanks!

  • deliced

    Still looking forward to hearing more from Zendesk.

    The difference in branding on overall outward professional look is like night and day between what we can do within the HelpDesk articles and the automated email that goes out to followers.

    Could we receive an update on timeframes/expectations on this functionality?

  • Cecilia Landstrøm


  • Sarah Boyd

    I would also like the ability to customize the "follow" email that gets sent to end users. Is there any update on this feature? Thanks!

  • Sean Needham

    + 1 We'd also like this feature. It would be great to be able to customize the "follow" emails. Currently we don't use follow on articles because of the current format.


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