Reporting Show Open Problems with # of linked Incidents?


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  • Michael Stone

    Hey Tom,

    You can accomplish this in GoodData with the following report:



    You will need to create a custom metric with the following MAQL:




    Choose 'Ticket Problem'



    Ticket Problem isn't (empty value)


    This should result in a list of Ticket Problem IDs and the # of Incidents associated with them.


    Hope this helps.





  • Jennifer Rowe
    Zendesk Documentation Team

    Hey Mike! Nice to see you. Thanks for helping!

  • Tom Kulzer

    Thanks Michael, that seems to work perfectly! Appreciate it.

  • Rakesh Bhonagiri

    Hey Michalel

    i got a slightly different request from that of Tom

    How can i add an additional column onto my weekly extract of Incident data with an additional column on linked to PM - Y/N.


    Basically can i get to classify every incident into linked to PM and not linked to a PM with Yes/No as the data point

  • Brent

    Hi Rakesh,

    I'll jump in here if you don't mind (Michael can reply too of course)! I might need more information about what "linked to PM" is, but you can certainly add more attributes to your report by selecting them in the "How" section of your report. If "linked to PM" is a custom field in your Zendesk, it'll show up there.

  • Joel Buaron

    This is really great and if I can mix things up, can I add a Tag to the custom metric so that I can classify the results more?


    Something like:

    SELECT COUNT(Ticket ID) where Ticket Tag = x


    The report I am looking for his tickets that are linked and issue those tickets are...Like Linked 4 tickets for Payment issue, 3 linked tickets for Salesforce and I think I can achieve it if I can add the tag which are on the linked tickets. Hope that makes sense.


  • Justin

    Is it possible to list the ticket subject for the problem tickets with an incident count?

    Having the ticket problem ID listed is not helpful to most of the people receiving our reports. 

  • Michael McAfoos

    I'm trying to do the same thing as Justin. Any thoughts?

  • Claire Miller
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hi there!

    @Joel I did a bit of testing and was able to create a metric that does such a thing. You'll still want to start with the base metric that Michael explained in his comment, but the example you were looking for in your question was spot on!

    Essentially, you'll need to create a new MAQL​ custom metric and start with the ​= (equals) filter:

    Then add in the existing custom metric where ticket tag = whatever tags you need to filter the metric by:

  • Michael McAfoos

    Hi Clair,

    That doesn't seem to work as you might expect. When we add additional data from the "How" section, it ends up showing the data for the incident tickets rather than for the problem ticket.

    I believe this is because the report is pulling the # of incident tickets and then adding ticket problem to the report and filtering so that ticket problem must have a value.

    Essentially, behind the scenes, it seems that we are saying "show me a count of every incident which is linked to a specific problem ticket #"

    The goal that we are trying to accomplish here is to list all of our problem tickets by the count of incidents to help us prioritize the problem tickets. However, without being able to display some other basic data about the problem ticket in that report (such as subject, or some other custom fields) it's relatively useless as the ticket #s don't mean anything on their own.

    Does that make sense? Apologies if any of the above is confusing. I'd be happy to clarify or discuss further.

  • Michael Stone

    Hey Michael,

    Totally understand your use-case. We had to build something custom to solve this problem using Google Sheets/Apps Script and Zendesk API. Up to this point we haven't been able to figure out how to use GoodData to display all the data we need in one place for this specific scenario.

    Feel free to shoot me an email, I'm happy to show you what we have set-up:

  • Jules Winckelmann


    I checked your solutions using GoodData and it seems great to provide reports.

    However, this doesn't answer to the part of que question:

    " How can I see this with a quick look in Zendesk interface directly."

    Right now, the workaround I planned to use is to create a Problem tickets view, and sort these by Product & Priority.

    (I've set triggers to raise priority depending of the number of incident tickets associated)

    However, it would make so much sense to be able to:

    - Sort them by number of incident tickets instead of priority.

    - Have a column displaying the number of incident tickets.

    Another point would be the tickets look in a view. If a view shares both ticket types, it would make way more sense to be able to quickly distinguish them without using a column to display the ticket type.

    Can you please guys give me a feedback on this ?


  • Andreas Lärkfeldt

    I bump this! This is relevant as soon as you would like to be able to share insights within the rest of your organisation.

    Please look into this!

  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey all - 

    Please share your feedback in the Product Feedback area. Product Managers hang out over there, but they're not likely to see feedback here. 

    Detailed use cases that include things like frequency of occurrence and business impact are most helpful. Thanks!

  • Jules Winckelmann


    1- There are two topic dealing with this: 

    Can't you merge them or shall we post in both ?

    2- Another point about this subject is that if I use GoodData, the problem tickets are only showing with their numbers, but their name/subject is not displayed, which makes it pretty useless.. Any solution ?



  • Nicole S.
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Edouard - 

    I encourage you to post in both places; unfortunately we do not have the ability to merge threads. 

    I'll see if anyone else has ideas around your second question. Standby. 

  • James Sanford

    Hey Edouard!

    You can include Ticket Subject in the How of your report to display the subject of your Problem Tickets.  Please be aware that as a text field there is a limitation to how many characters can be displayed as outlined in Why is text cut out of my Insights report?

  • Jules Winckelmann


    Unfortunately, the suggested workaround doesn't reach the expected result.

    Indeed, I tried to create a report with:

    - The problem tickets number

    - The problem tickets subject

    - The number of incident per problem tickets.

    And the ticket name always display the incident ticket name instead of the problem ticket name.

    Which makes it useless I'm afraid...

    I contacted the support, but they refuse to help me adjust this latest factor.

    Once resolved, this could be an acceptable workaround for all the people who requested the possibility to view their problem ticket + related incident for QA purposes. Otherwise, the problem tickets would be useful to answer several people at the same time only, which is kind of limited.

    Here are the threads on which this workaround could help people as modify a view to display this is apparently not something they are planning to do:


    + some other I didn't took the time to dig.

    My report is as is:

    What: #Incidents

    How: Ticket problem

    Filters: Product

    It is almost good, however any additional crucial information like the Problem ticket subject doesn't apply the the problem ticket but applies to the incident ticket...

    Please help us dig a workaround........

  • Justin

    Hi all, 

    I was not able to create a report for this so I created a Google Spreadsheet that pulled the data. 

    You can see my new post on it here:


  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Thanks for posting Justin :)

  • Justin

    Hello again,

    After some feedback from some users of the script/sheet being a little complex, and being disconnected from the main Zendesk interface - I decided to create my very own Zendesk Application that solves this problem by allowing you to instantly see your problem ticket status, subject and linked incidents, and a bunch more.

    You can check the new app out here

  • Jules Winckelmann

    Hello guys.

    The spreasheet has been updated by Justin and is working great now.

    If one of you has ideas on how to pull custom fields as well that would be awesome !!!




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