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    Erica Wass
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    Hi there:

    I invite you to take a look at the Web Widget customizations beta. While we are working on additional enhancements to the contact form features that may satisfy your needs with regard to the contact form, we also have included a Suppress setting, which will allow you to suppress certain features in the web widget on designated pages of your site. 

  • Arno Lindroos
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    If there is any solution to this, even more complex one (javascript etc.), I would also like hear about it. Has anyone implemented this. Any solution will do.

  • Emma
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    I would love this option as well. Our team has put a lot of work into customizing the contact form in our Help Center to deter tickets and collect more info when tickets are submitted. We don't want to lose these features if we start using the widget.

  • JayRamadorai
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    We need this too. I think it should be a choice left to us on whether we want to have the contact form in the widget or not. Our primary goal for the widget is quick search on FAQ

  • Erica Wass
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    Hi all: I've marked this thread completed because we have released the ability to turn on Help Center in the Web Widget without having contact form or chat on (both as a general setting and on a per-page basis with the Suppress setting.) Please see the Announcement here for more detail. The Web Widget Customizations beta is ongoing as well. 


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