Are there any integrated handset options?

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  • Ryan
    Zendesk team member

    Hey Daniel,

    Since we presently don't have SIP capabilities on Zendesk, you definitely run into some issues.

    We only have the option to forward to other numbers at this time (which could open up the option to forward to any other number, or external provider). 

    If that doesn't work,  we do have integrations with other voice systems that should be compatible with your SIP devices. One such is OnSIP - more information is available here:

    Or you can check out the rest of our 3rd-party voice options here:


    Outside of that, I recommend checking out our product feedback forum, and voicing your opinion, and voting on things you'd like. The more requests and wants from customers, the higher chance that a request turns into a feature.

    Thanks for the good question!




  • Patrick Hogan

    Hey, Daniel! Having a unified phone system instead of utilizing many is definitely a move that'll push your business to a whole new level of structure and efficiency. 

    If you're planning to the above, chances are you're going to love Tenfold. It's an application that can integrate Zendesk with over 150+ phone systems in the market and since it integrates natively, you won't have to worry about poor call quality and line interruptions. Here's a list of phone systems you can integrate with Zendesk using Tenfold:



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