Zendesk on Zendesk: Maintaining an internal IT Zendesk to provide company-wide support

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  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator

    We're wondering how you handle tickets that have more than one touchpoint such as the onboarding tickets. So, for example, a new hire is set to start on Wednesday. We need Email, desk&phone, computer, zendesk agent setup, timesheet setup, training plan creation, etc.  All these things are handled by different agents. How do you handle those types of tickets?

  • Douglas Redo

    Hi Heather.

    That is a great question and is something that we do see a lot of.  What we do here is we have our provisioning team pull the new hire information from HR and create all of the necessary accounts for the new user.  Once this is complete they will then create a ticket that will go to our IT team to get the new users equipment set up.  Some of those things you mentioned above are handled by IT and others are handled by Facilities. So when that ticket is created and is picked up by one of our IT agents that agent will then Ticket Share with Facilities so they then have visibility into the new hire request in their Zendesk Instance.  Once this is shared with the Facilities they are then able to add notes in the ticket stating desk location etc.

    Regarding the different IT requests we may have different agents who specialize in certain areas so what we will do is CC these other agents on the ticket and put in a Private Comment asking them to complete the follow.  

    The major features that we use in order to complete a request that involves multiple agents and or multiple departments is Ticket Sharing and CC'ing agents.  Private comments are then used between agents in order to inform the others of the work that they have completed .    

  • Ari Harrison

    Can you go into detail on what your "IT Toolkit" consists of? What products you're using internally, hardware or software and how do you go about making the decisions for which products you're going to use? Which of these tools are you integrating into your Zendesk?

  • Douglas Redo

    Hi Ari,

    Here at Zendesk we use a wide range of software and hardware.  When it comes to software there is probably around 100 different types of software that we can issue to users/teams.  These range from productivity tools to video conferencing applications.  We believe that allowing teams to use the tools that work best for them is better than limiting them to only using certain tools.

    When it comes to these different software tools we have a Vendor Application process that will go through Security and Legal before we allow a team or user to start using a specific application.  Sometimes we may approve an application but will include some restrictions depending on what the application is used for. 

    As far as hardware goes we have standard equipment set ups that consists of mainly Apple products, Dell monitors, Logitech headsets and a few one off PC items.  We are about 90% Mac with some users in Finance that use PC's.  Similarly to our idea about letting people using software that they think best suits their team. We will order specific hardware equipment for users with manager approval.  When it came to selecting our standard equipment this was a bit of a process.  We tried out a few different products and had users provide feedback on their experience before settling on specific headsets, MiFi's, external monitors etc.

    When it comes to IT's software integration into our Zendesk instance we do not do too much of this currently.  The only software that IT has currently integrated into Zendesk is Zopim Chat.  This is our chat service that allows for users to live chat with one of our agents about their issue or question and then have a ticket auto created once the chat is closed.  I can only speak on what IT has integrated at this point.  We may have other teams within Zendesk that have integrated some other tools that I may not be aware of such as our Support team for Customers.

  • Samantha Flaherty

    Hi Douglas,

    Is your IT Help Centre an independent, full Zendesk instance, separate to your Zendesk Support one? 

    We also have a private area on our help centre, populated with internal content which is set by category/section visibility 1) agent-only - all staff, 2) agent-only and specified agent groups - departments/teams. 

    One thing I'm always conscious of is that we have a lot of knowledge in our knowledge base, so presenting that in a helpful way is the next hurdle. We decided that it works better when we have one central resource for everything, rather than keeping IT separate, so it's interesting to know if you guys work the other way to us :)

  • Douglas Redo

    Hi Samantha,

    Great question here as well.  Our IT Help Center is a completely separate instance from our Support instance.  We have set this up in this fashion because our Support team has a pretty large HC as well that has all of their articles related to helping external customers on the Zendesk product.

    The Support teams HC is something that is external facing so people outside of the Zendesk Org are able to access and read these articles.  The IT HC is something that is only internal facing and is really only related to the employees of Zendesk.  

    We have found having these two HC's separate has been beneficial for those two reasons.  First being that Support has their own very large HC with articles relating to Support tickets and external customer issues.  Secondly IT's HC is internal only with articles relating to Zendesk employees only.  Our employees do know that we have one central location for all questions relating to IT needs for the business.  We then have a separate location that has all things related to Support that lives in their own Support Zendesk instance.

    Hope that helps explain how and why we have set our HC's up in this fashion.


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