Is there a way to force all end-users to follow certain Help Center sections and/or articles?

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  • Andrea Saez

    Hey Greg,

    There isn't at this time no. I think that would cross over with CANSPAM laws of some sort, if you're automatically sending emails to people without their consent. Tricky business. That being said, you could use something like Appcues to trigger messages to people so they're aware that these things exist and they can follow it directly on Zendesk for further updates about certain topics - it's what we do!

  • Greg Pope

    Hi Andrea. In our use case the release notes communication would be transactional so not a violation of CAN-SPAM laws but I understand how the function could be misused. Thanks for the Appcues suggestion, we'll take a look at that.

  • Maya Mandel

    Hi Andrea, could you please clarify how you would use Appcues to ask users to follow articles / sections in Zendesk?  I'm looking for something similar as Greg described.  Thanks.

  • Gokul Suresh

    Greg, Maya,

    Just in case Appcues didn't work out, you could check out Whatfix

    Whatfix is a just-in-time product help that helps users across web platforms via its real-time interactive walkthroughs. Much like what is mentioned in the question, Whatfix can handhold the end-users across the platform prompting them to perform actions.

    Let me take the cases mentioned in the question.

    Forcing all end-users to follow certain Help Center sections - Considering this could be more of a product/feature adoption angle, you can use Whatfix to create walkthroughs that prompt the user to follow step-by-step instructions in the particular sections. You could also use specific Product Adoption widgets of Whatfix to create a batch of mandatory tasks. Say for example, here's an onboarding pop-up for Office 365 created via Whatfix.

    You can also utilize Whatfix to make your product help self-serving. Once a Whatfix walkthrough is created it is instantly converted into multiple formats like Slideshow, Annotated Video, Article, PDF, Smart URL's, etc that can be quickly and easily integrated within helpdesks like Zendesk.


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