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  • Tal Admon

    Hi Chris,

    Try the following:

    Open the Theme Editor, and in the Document Header, add the following script tag:

    $( document ).ready(function() {
    if (HelpCenter.user.role=='end_user'){
    $('div#user-menu>').after('<a id="custom_menu_link__c" role="menuitem" href="">Visit</a>')
    if ((HelpCenter.user.role=='manager') || (HelpCenter.user.role=='agent')){
    $('div#user-menu>').after('<a id="custom_menu_link__c" role="menuitem" href="">Log in to</a>')

    You will notice the IF clauses for agent/manager and end-user.
    Modify the links and the text accordingly.

    If you want the links to get opened on a new tab, instead of over the current one, add the attribute target="_blank" to the <a> tags.

    To see live example, visit:

    Log in as , password: 123456



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