Zendesk and Salesforce integration

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  • Seth Wylie

    We're using Salesforce and Zendesk, and having a fine time of it. I've just never seen a persuasive reason for our support team to switch over to Salesforce Support Cloud or Desk.com, since both of them seem to offer functionality that is either comparable to Zendesk, or apples-and-oranges, or better-in-one-way-but-worse-in-another.

  • Patrick Hogan

    Hi Shateshia,

    Have you heard of a CTI called Tenfold? It integrates both Salesforce and Zendesk, and also very easy to set up and use. Tenfold can help your sales team a lot with the features they provide. Check it out at www.tenfold.com, hope this helps!


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