Salesforce Integration - Create ticket with workflow/Process Builder

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  • Christopher McLoughlin

    Hello Snaebjorn,

    The Zendesk Salesforce Integration does not have the functionality to allow for an automated process to submit the ticket to Zendesk. Currently the integration uses a web form that submits information to Zendesk, then on the Zendesk side the ticket object is created. Salesforce does not directly communicate with the Zendesk API so an automated process is not going to work.

    There is a toolkit called Toolkit for Zendesk which will allow you to have a form of communication to exist between Zendesk and Salesforce. This will allow you to write an Apex script for Salesforce that can call the Zendesk API through the Toolkit. This will allow you to use something like the Process Builder which can call the Apex scripts.

    Outside of this, any process that you are trying to build with Workflow and/or the Process Builder will be unable to communicate with Zendesk.

    I hope this information helps. If you need any further assistance, please contact us at and we can open a support ticket to further investigate this issue.

  • Patrick Hogan

    Hi there Snaebjorn,

    What about trying CTIs like Tenfold? It supports the full integration between Zendesk and Salesforce. Check it out at to learn more. Hope this helps!


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