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  • Diziana

    Hi Ali,

    Here is answer to your questions:

    • We want some sections in Help Center to be accessible to users without them having Zendesk access. So, is this possible, considering that our Help Center is restricted/closed?

    • To do this you want to make your HC available on public URL (i.e. remove require sign in from help center settings)

    • If this is not possible (i.e. a public visitor coming to our page will always be redirected to the sign in page), then I would raise another query - if we open up our Help Center (i.e. uncheck the "Require Sign in" option), then is there a way to ensure that only the signed in users can submit requests? Since we do not want a non-signed in user to be able to submit a request.

    • You can figure this out using one of our tips here:

    • If we make one section of a category only visible to public, while other sections are restricted to signed-in users, will that category "heading" be also visible to the public?

    • Yup, it would be visible. 

    Let us know if you face any problem.




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